Introducing our School Captain for 2020, Tycen Heeger!

Tycen is studying his VCAL certificate in room 603, and has been a student here at Marnebek for 8 years now.

During this time not only has he become school captain, but he has also garnered a huge range of fantastic achievements under his belt - including completing his Cert 2 (ATEP) in Parks and Gardens, and winning Best Apprentice in ATEP.

Tycen has also been a part of some massive sporting moments for Marnebek, having participated in the Basketball State Champions in 2018 and 2019, and the SSSSA Football Premiers in 2019.
So what has it been like as school captain in a year of mostly remote learning? Well, no need to beat around the bush - certainly not easy!


“Hard,” says Tycen, “[especially] getting to know programs on the computer and the platforms to complete VCAL.”


On the bright side, support from teachers made the process a lot more straightforward and comprehensible.

“Teachers were great during remote, they made sure they stayed in touch with me by calling 3 times a day to check in. We did live virtual classrooms and teachers made sure we were supported, and they made themselves available if we needed. My teacher Penney made sure I understood the work and supported me”, says Tycen.


One great benefit that came out of remote learning was all the new computer know-how, which Tycen acknowledges might not have been a strong point before the transition to studying from home. It’s given him confidence for the future, with him saying “I feel more comfortable leaving school now with better computer skills”.


And when asked if he had any advice to give to younger students?


“Keep doing the right thing, work hard and do your best!”


We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!


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