Parent Survey

We’re so proud to report that our remote learning efforts were well-received across the school community, with feedback from our parent surveys confirming we were able to provide great learning opportunities and outcomes for our students.



This year has been challenging for everyone, and for students it has meant a lot of adjusting to new ways of learning and interacting within the classroom setting. We knew implementing remote learning at Marnebek was going to come with it’s own unique challenges on top of this, so we wanted to make sure we have been able to support our students and their families in the best way possible - which is why we conducted our parent surveys!

We assessed our practice and conducted surveys with families all across the school to make sure we were meeting the school community’s needs and expectations when it came to the transition to remote learning. We’re incredibly proud to say that the feedback we received was fantastic, and the results really highlighted the inspiring morale we’ve been able to uphold this year throughout our community.

The feedback from our parent surveys confirmed a number of things;

  • Our transition to remote learning was an overall success!
  • Marnebek is on the same page as our student’s families
  • We were able to provide good learning opportunities and outcomes for students despite being remote
  • Families felt supported throughout the process through our strong communication efforts
  • Marnebek demonstrated our commitment to going above and beyond in providing support during the remote learning period

On behalf of all the faculty, we cannot overstate how happy we are to see these results. Our students are our number one priority, and everything we do is focused on giving them and their families the best support we possibly can. In a turbulent year like 2020, working collaboratively has been an essential part of continuing to build students’ social, emotional and physical wellbeing. Part of that has been making sure students have access to all the relevant technology needed in a learning-from-home environment, including iPads, laptops and dongles for internet access.

We’re excited to continue growing as a school to create even better learning experiences with your feedback, and unite as one strong community to empower our students. We’re so proud of our students who have continued to put their best foot forward during these difficult times and rise to the challenge of remote learning!

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