100 Days of Prep

Our little ones have now officially crossed the 100 day mark of being primary school students - a milestone we had to celebrate!

Preps have had a not-so-simple start to their schooling lives this year, but regardless have been absolute joys in our Marnebek classrooms and have made the best of their entry into school.


In the classroom, we did a number of things to celebrate this landmark moment with our preps; including counting to 100, dressing up as 100 year olds (some hilarious costumes were present), and filling a jar with 100 gumballs.


We love recognising this milestone, because the first year of schooling has a lot going on and really gets preps out of their comfort zones. They are experiencing so many new routines and expectations, and along with that comes a range of emotions. The first 100 days of schooling are vital in any child’s development, and marks the beginning of a 13 year long journey they (and their families) take to become lifelong learners.


A big part of our role as a school in these 100 days is introducing our preps to the idea of school and being ready for it, ready to learn, and excited to come in and meet new friends. It’s their first big step out into the world outside their own home, so it’s an important one to get right!


We’re so proud of our preps for the way they have established connections with their peers and teachers, and adapted to new structures and routines. Truly a wonderful first step on their education journey.


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