Victorian Government Community Engagement Strategy – localised

A community engagement strategy is currently being implemented to intensify the Victorian Government’s response to COVID-19, given the health risks it poses to the Victorian community.


Part of this strategy includes deploying Community Engagement Teams (CETs) into identified locations over the coming weeks and months.
The Premier has requested a deeper engagement in particular communities to make sure people know about the current health advice for COVID-19 prevention and testing.

These CETs will operate in public places in the first instance, including shopping strips, train and bus stations, food premises, places of worship, workplaces, schools, and ethno-specific business and hospitality precincts.  Community Engagement Teams will also work in residential areas, knocking on doors in locations identified from epidemiological data as COVID-19 ‘hot-spots’.

The key duties of Community Engagement Team members are to:

  • talk to people about COVID-19 and the things they can do to keep themselves and their families safe (good hygiene etc)
  • explain public health requirements (such as physical distancing)
  • provide further information for people in their spoken language, by a community member scanning a code using their mobile phone
  • provide information to people about where they can go to be tested, if they or a family member have symptoms, no matter how mild.

The intent is to be positive and engaging.  This initiative is about helping people to practice COVID-safe routines in everyday life and is not focused on enforcement or compliance. 

Please refer to the following documents fo further information:
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