COVID-19 Update 21 July 2020

Face coverings mandatory for Melbourne and Mitchell Shire.


As of Thursday anyone working, attending an education facility, shopping for essential items, or caring for another person, will be required to wear a face-covering or a mask. The following Department of Education guidelines have been provided to Special Schools and directly relate to Marnebek families and students.  

  • Students with a disability are not required to wear a face-covering. This includes students who attend specialist schools.

  • Parents/carers will be required to wear face coverings whenever they leave the house, including for school drop off and pick up. 

  • Teachers and education support staff will not be required to wear face coverings while teaching, but those who wish to do so, can. Teachers should wear face coverings in other areas of the school when not teaching (for example, in the staff room, on yard duty and when providing first aid or taking temperatures), and when traveling to and from school. 

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions please contact the school on 5996 3858.