Student Attendance During Remote and Flexible Learning

Important information. Please read.

Dear Parents and Carers,

With the return to remote and flexible learning as of tomorrow staff will still be responsible for marking attendance daily. We intend to try and streamline the process through facilitating a morning WebEx with children and families – students who are able to engage with staff every morning will have their attendance marked as present for the day.

Please be patient with staff as they begin working through this new process with families. Staff will follow up with students who are unable to participate in these sessions to confirm their attendance, through either direct communication with families or through monitoring student activity completed online.

Student absence texts will continue to be sent for students marked as absent – unexplained each morning. Families are able to mark their child as absent in advance for Compass to avoid receiving this text message, or else respond through the available link provided in the received text. Please contact your child’s classroom teacher for any messages received in error.


Kind Regards,
Marnebek School